Note from Minister: I do not claim originality with any of my sermons seeing how that I've learned from the preaching and teaching of other preachers including books in which they have written. I have had many influences in the preparation of my sermons, and the final finished sermon is my personal take on the subject. I do claim however that the PowerPoint presentations are original, but I freely give permission for all to use them whether I am given credit or not. Thank you.

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According to the Pattern
Shawn Daniels 1601
Books of the Bible and Textual Expositions top
Sermon Title Author Hits
Some Truths About Truth (2 John)
Shawn Daniels 1728
The Beatitudes - Pentecost Pointers
Shawn Daniels 1458
The Conversions Recorded in the Book of Acts
Shawn Daniels 1485
The Letter to the Philippians
Shawn Daniels 1282
To the Hebrews: Introduction (1:1-3)
Shawn Daniels 2093
Church top
Sermon Title Author Hits
Descriptive Titles of God's People
Shawn Daniels 1574
The Non-Denominational Feature of Christ's Church
Shawn Daniels 1391
What Happened On Pentecost
Shawn Daniels 1191
Evangelism top
Sermon Title Author Hits
Be Ready to Give an Answer
Shawn Daniels 1588
Preach the Word!
Shawn Daniels 1257
Evidences top
Sermon Title Author Hits
God's Existence and His Powerful Word
Shawn Daniels 1327
Proof in the Prophets
Shawn Daniels 1092
False Doctrine, Teaching, and Errors top
Sermon Title Author Hits
Peter's Warning of False Teachers
Shawn Daniels 1475
Joy, Hope, Promises top
Sermon Title Author Hits
God is in the Whisper
Shawn Daniels 1751
Parables of Christ top
Sermon Title Author Hits
The Parable of the Hidden Treasure
Shawn Daniels 1388
Prayer, Supplication, and Thanksgiving top
Sermon Title Author Hits
Jabez and His Prayer
Shawn Daniels 1368
Shawn Daniels 1490
Salvation top
Sermon Title Author Hits
Freedom From Self-Prisons
Shawn Daniels 1349
Saved By Calling on the Name of the Lord
Shawn Daniels 1181
The Complete and Perfect Sacrifice of the Christ
Shawn Daniels 1421
The Salvation of the Minority
Shawn Daniels 978
Sin and Temptations top
Sermon Title Author Hits
Beware of Absalom
Shawn Daniels 1617
How Can We Fight Against Satan?
Shawn Daniels 2151
You Shall Not Murder
Shawn Daniels 924
Songs and Hymns top
Sermon Title Author Hits
Follow Me
Eric Whitaker 1377
How Beautiful Heaven Must Be!
Shawn Daniels 1810
How Long Has It Been?
Shawn Daniels 2183
Jesus Loves Me
Shawn Daniels 1413
The Old Rugged Cross
Shawn Daniels 1456
What a Friend We Have in Jesus
Shawn Daniels 1612
Why Do We Sing in Worship?
Shawn Daniels 1565
Spiritual Growth, Christian Living top
Sermon Title Author Hits
A Peculiar People
Shawn Daniels 2584
Adding to Your Faith
Shawn Daniels 1199
Characteristics of Tent Dwellers
Shawn Daniels 1544
Living the "Dream"
Shawn Daniels 1463
Peter's Advice for a Christian's Relationships
Shawn Daniels 1147
The Christian Life and the Exodus
Shawn Daniels 1473
The Need for Encouragement and Exhortation
Shawn Daniels 1446
The Spirit of Christ
Shawn Daniels 1127
Word of God top
Sermon Title Author Hits
How Much is Your Bible Worth to You?
Shawn Daniels 1659


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